SFDS operates on a semester schedule (Fall and Spring)

All enrollment fees are due at the beginning of each semester upon requesting a class 

Fall Session students returning in the Spring may participate in PRIORITY ENROLLMENT.  Priority enrollment (PE) allows you to secure your current placement in a class before current students are able to switch classes or waitlist students invited to enroll.  

Students participating in PE  should submit a $100 deposit during the PE period which is applied to the spring tuition balance.  Spring balance is then due the first week of classes in January.

All fees paid to SFDS are non-refundable


The SFDS dress code is designed to encourage unity and discipline among our students.  Students not meeting the required dress code will be restricted from participation in class.  Class uniforms are purchased from SFDS at time of registration.                                                                                                                       

Visit the SFDS STORE on our page for uniform pricing.


GIRLS (Pre-K, Pink, Blue, Mint Level):  Class leotard, skirt, pink ballet tights, pink ballet slippers

Girls (Coral, Lilac, Aqua, Purple Level): Class leotard, pink alignment belt, pink ballet tights, pink ballet slippers

Girls (Royal, Burgundy, Teal, Junior Company above):  Class leotard, pink alignment belt, pink convertible ballet tights, pink ballet slippers, teacher approved pointe shoes

REPERTORY: Repertory students are required to adhere to the Ballet class uniform but may also wear a ballet skirt for class.

CONTEMPORARY:  Contemporary students are required to wear their ballet class leotard and slippers to class.  In addition to tights, black spandex shorts or leggings may be worn.  Hair should be pulled back away from face securely .


Students Lilac and above who arrive without hair securely pulled back and in a bun will be asked to sit down and observe during portions of their class.  Girls with short hair (at ears or shorter) should have their hair pulled back away neatly from face with a headband or hair clips.

Boys:   White leotard or white t-shirt, black leggings, black biker or basketball shorts, white socks, white or black ballet slippers

  • Ballet slippers should not be worn outside, and are reserved for the dance studio.

  • No jewelry or outerwear other than SFDS approved wrap sweaters may be be worn during class.

  • SFDS carries Ballet wrap sweaters for purchase which may be worn during the colder months. Baggy clothing and layering prohibits the teachers and student from accurately assessing alignment. Students wearing additional items (including hoodies, leg warmers, T-shirts) will be asked to remove them.


All classes are to be conducted in CLOSED STUDIOS for the benefit of the students.  No parents, family, or childcare providers are permitted to remain in the classroom once the teacher has begun the class.  We also ask that you wait outside until the door has been opened by the instructor when picking up students to limit distractions.

TARDINESS Students should arrive on time for class and dressed as instructed (see dress code). Students who arrive late may be required to sit out the class.    

MAKE UP CLASSES* must be made up within two weeks of your child’s return to class and are to be scheduled in advance with their teacher. ONLY TWO make up classes are permitted per semester.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of regular attendance and the commitment of the student to improve and polish his/her skills and talents. Unsatisfactory attendance may affect a students ability to graduate to the next level, be approved for pointe shoes, or perform in our June performance.

Students with multiple absences during performance season (mid March-June) may not be able to perform in our Spring performance.

If a student is not able to be present for class, school staff should be notified by phone (415)341-2186 or email


Holidays are posted on the CALENDAR section of our website.  Make ups are not offered for classes missed during SFDS scheduled holidays. These dates are not included in the session pricing.


SFDS offers two opportunities to observe your child’s progress these are the fall semester observation class and the June performance.

Observation Class

SFDS invites parents to attend their child’s class during observation week. They are scheduled the last week of classes in December and are held during your child’s regularly scheduled class at the school. Observation week dates can be found on the school’s website calendar.

Seating at observation classes is limited to parents. Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

Spring Performance (dates TBD)

SFDS produces a spring performance at the end of each dance year in June.  While most of our students participate, it is optional. 

Student performers are responsible for all costume and ticket fees.

All students wishing to participate must have their costume deposits in by the deadline or will not be able to perform.  This date is available on our website calendar. 

Costume balances are due once the costumes have arrived and are ready for distribution.  No costume will go home until the full balance is paid.